A Digital Agency For Startups Based in Nigeria 

Simple Process. Strategic Results.


Designed for the Entreprenuer, Areahints strives to ensure budget friendly solutions that are vital for people venturing into online businesses Our key areas of expertise include.


Web Development

Static websites, Dynamic websites, Progressive Web Apps, WordPress, Squarespace, CMS


Logos and Branding

Logos, Business cards, Reciepts, Invoices, Social media and Outdoor banners, T-shirt designs


Domains and Hosting

Github Pages, Amazon Web Services, Domain Registration, Cloud Hosting, Email solutions


Digital Marketing

Customer engagement, Email and Lead generation, Vanity metrics, Website traffic, e-commerce



PBNs, Keyword planning, Web analytics, Content optimization, Adsense, Adwords, Search rankings


Tutorials & Webinars

Tutorials, Webinars, Ebooks, Offline events, Meetups, Training, Consultancy. Business Networking

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Our blog is currently hosted on Medium, in order to maintain the advantages of a static landing page, you can see the latest tutorials and keep up with our training calendars, we also send such information via our newsletter.

Simply select the form of any services you require and you will be directed to Google Forms. we use Google Forms for its Cloud Sharing abilities and you will get a copy of your filled form.

Slack and Trello is our preferred office location, it enables scalability and accountable working hours. it also allows us to work with a rich diversity of clients and creatives.

We accept nanodegrees and certificates from Udacity and eDX. as long as you show a commitment to getting the job done and showcase value and professionalism at your given task.

The brainchild and creative process of a lot of online resources, notably eDX, Udacity and the World Bank Open Learning Campus. Our target market is small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, students and you.
We believe that every idea has the capacity to mature into the business of your dreams. Our strategy is simple, provide quality solutions that are cost effective to our clients.

We develop Websites, design logos, implement SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, We automate work-flows to enable our clients more flexibility to handle the most important aspects of their business, which is making profits.

In 2014, Areahints was the name given to a concept website project whose purpose was to give information or “hints” in a particular region or “area”. it was meant to inform you at a glance, whether or not an area in Lagos was safe for kids, or had water, or roads etc. this project was guided by principles and innovations I learned in “Introduction to C Programming” by David J. Malan (whom I personally recommend for his ability to take away the anxiety one feels when attempting to study online for the first time)

Areahints has now evolved, its now more of a process driven commitment to all areas, with a mission to creating strategic results for the common man with easy to access, easy to implement processes.. My reasons for this is based on the enlightenment I've gained from studying and learning online and also because of the gaps in information dissemination in my country Nigeria.

It is my earnest hope that one day, this site will be more than just some Html and CSS with content, it will be a simple yet successful platform that everyone (and I mean everyone) can benefit from.“The true journey of discovery doesn’t consist in searching for new territories, but in having new eyes” – Marcel Proust

As a full service agency, we provide the necessary creative, strategic and technical expertise to our clients in order to engage with diverse and specific markets both online and offline.
We are in need of vibrant, creative and resourceful individuals with skills in Web Development, Graphics Design, SEO, and Social Media Marketing
Applicants must have a Linkedin Profile with over 50 connections, and be willing to work remotely (Slack and Trello).

Developers should have a Github Portfolio, Graphics Designers should present a portfolio on either Behance or Dribble, SEO and Social media applicants should have an active ad account from either Facebook or Google. 

Send an email to [email protected] with email title "Remote Job Application" providing links to the required information above, include your Linkedin Profile link. please note that LinkedIn Profiles that are not completely filled out will not be considered.

To request our services via escrow, create an account with either Freelancer or Fiver platform, Freelancer is preferred.

On Freelancer select our profile and hire us, you can state your job description and we will get it done, payment is facilitated through Freelancer.

On Fiverr, join and select any of our gigs, after a successful job done, you can proceed to pay. payment is facilitated through Fiverr.

Our Escrow services is suitable for clients who want some measure of control over their budget, are eager to avoid a bad business relationship and don't mind spending more for a quality experience.